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EcoBlend™ Weed Killer 16 oz Trigger Spray


EcoBlend™ Weed Killer 16 oz Trigger Spray

Heavy duty, natural herbicide for use on ground and vegetation to destroy unwanted weeds, vegetation and poisonous plants like poison ivy. It is a natural alternative to chemical based herbicides that is safe for use around humans and animals. It is a patented highly effective and quick kill formula made from fatty acids of plant oils. Based on weather conditions or extreme vegetation infestation re-application may be necessary. Breaks down plant mass into beneficial ground nutrients.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For external use only. Completely cover the unwanted weeds. Do not spray areas not intended to be dissolved. Won’t harm clothing, wood or most plastics. Based on weather conditions or extreme vegetation infestation re-application may be necessary.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Soybean Oil (20%), Citric Acid (4%), Lauric Acid (4%) Inert Ingredients (72% Total): Purified Water, Coconut Oil, & Sodium Benzoate.
Average Rating:
- Bite Blocker Xtreme OG Spray and Bite Blocker Herbal Insect Repellent Spray I live in a wooded area in North Carolina that is heavily infested with ticks and chiggers from March through October. We have our share of mosquitoes too! I can't tolerate the toxic chemicals in commercial bug sprays nor can I stand their strong odors and the masking perfumes. I've tried every natural product under the sun and they just don't work. Summers were an absolute misery for me. I've even contracted Ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease. I heard about the Bite Blocker products on a news broadcast and immediately tracked them down and bought them. What a godsend!!! I spray my boots and my pant legs once a day with Xtreme before going outside, and my gloves if I'm working. No more ticks! No more chigger bites! Not one! The mosquito repellent works equally well. Thank you HOMS! Now I'm looking into their herbicides too and I have high hopes, based on my experiences with the insect repellents.
- This product is simply AMAZEING! With in hour of spraying unwanted weeds and invasive ground cover, everything was turning dark, almost black! Have NEVER found anything to compare to this! I will be a regular customer, and several neighbors will be ordering too! THANKS!!!
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