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Bio Block® Organic Pest Controls are non-toxic, child and pet-safe, bio-degradable insect control products. They contain all-natural ingredients including plant oils, plant extracts and plant derivatives. The ingredients are considered minimum risk pesticides and are exempt from registration under the U.S. FIFRA, 40CFR Sec. 152.25 (​f).

8077_new_web.jpgThese quick kill insecticides can be used indoors or outdoors and in food preparation areas. Bio Block® insecticides can be applied to countertops, floors, walls, and other surfaces. Independent tests prove that Bio Block® insecticides are as effective as the #1 selling aerosol insecticide.

Bio Block® products are not for vegetation. AVOID SPRAYING ON VEGETATION.  Please see our Lawn & Garden section for pest control products for your lawn and garden.  EcoShield is our brand ​to control lawn and garden insect and arthropod pests naturally and organically.

bioblock-organic-ant-roachBio Block® Organic Pest Control comes in three formulations: a pump spray for general insecticidal use; an aerosol for flying insects; and an aerosol for ants and roaches. NO CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons)to harm the atmosphere! HOMS aerosols do not use CFCs as a propellant. We use nitrogen - great for the environment, 100% natural and odorless. 

Our formulas are also non-flammable.  We provide products to landscapers and Pest Control Industries at   

HOMS provides SUSTAINABLE BRANDS across all industries of Pest Management

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