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BB_0053-med.jpgBiteBlocker® now includes the newly approved BioUD® Active for insect repellent and fabric treatment. BioUD® has been registered with the EPA for protection against mosquitoes and ticks that may transmit West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever for up to 4.5 hours.  BioUD outperformed 20% DEET, Picaridin and IR3535 products in mosquito and tick testing (see studies below).  Click the BioUD link for all sizes and versions of this effective product categorized by EPA as Category IV, the least toxic category in EPA.  BioUD was registered without restrictions and can be applied AS NEEDED and without Flammability Concerns!

BB_0051-med.jpgStudies at the University of Guelph proves BiteBlocker® is more effective than ​15% DEET.  Higher concentrations of DEET do not work better, only longer with the risk of absorbing more DEET into the body which may be toxic. Re-applying DEET frequently is not advised by Health Officials due to the toxic effects that may occur. BiteBlocker® can be re-applied without the risk of these toxic effects; therefore, BiteBlocker® is more effective and safer than any concentration of DEET when re-applied every three hours.

BB_0081-med.jpgStudies by the University also showed that the BiteBlocker®  product gave more than 97% protection against mosquitoes under field conditions, even 3.5 hours after application. During the same period, a 6.65% DEET-based spray afforded 86% protection, and Avon Skin-So-Soft citronella-based repellent gave only 40% protection. BiteBlocker®  is a proven product, and it's all-natural; safe for you, safe for your family & pets, and safe for the environment.

Studies conducted unsolicited by HOMS:

  • USDA-ARS (from the inventors of DEET, BiteBlocker® is recognized as the #1 insect repellent based on natural ingredients lasting up to 8 hours!)

Other Peer Reviewed Studies:


Bite Blocker and BioUD compared to DEET 30%

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