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About Us

Company History

homs-manufacturing-plant.jpgHOMS is a limited liability company formed in North Carolina, USA with the scope of developing, manufacturing and marketing natural and organic bio-pesticide products. BiteBlocker® insect repellent was the first product marketed by HOMS in 2001. HOMS has since licensed and patented unique naturally-derived substances and developed a base to be used in other manufactured products to provide insect repellency and control products for a full range of insects and other pests.

Company Objectives

HOMS, LLC is specialized in the development of authentic and nature-based solutions applied to nature’s pests. HOMS’ primary goal is to replace the potentially harmful synthetic formulations that are negatively impacting human health and the environment. Using products that work with nature is safer and healthier. Through science and patented technologies HOMS will establish proof before making a claim. Furthermore, our active substances must demonstrate that they can be applied safely and without adverse effects to the environment and human health.

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