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The products supplied by HOMS are based on natural food grade ingredients and include certified organic vegetable ingredients for effective bio-pesticidal control.  The products are protected under US patents with a specific vegetable fatty acid profile and have proven to be the leading effective bio-pesticides in their class ​using a natural and/or organic formula. The products are either EPA exempt or EPA registered depending upon the ingredients.  All Bio-pesticidal products comply with EPA and State regulations.

HOMS is a US-based small company producing beneficial insect control products for people, animals and the environment. The products are environmentally sensitive and contribute to a poison free environment while effectively controlling insects and pests in the form of repellents, insecticides and herbicides. Please see our current PRESS RELEASE on Toxic Insect Repellents.


It is important to provide safe bio-pesticides that are as effective as the poisonous chemical pesticides, especially an organic formula that is extremely effective at controlling insects that cause diseases from mosquitoes, ticks and roaches. Under our BiteBlocker brand of insect repellents, the USDA reported that this formula was the leading natural formula in terms of efficacy.  BioUD is as effective as DEET as a mosquito repellent and more effective than Permethrin and DEET as a tick and arthropod repellent.  While the Soy based BiteBlocker brand is made from organic ingredients the BioUD is a natural formula registered by EPA for Skin and Clothing.  The product has a long history of proving effectiveness as reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, Entomology Journals, Consumer Reports and many others who have selected an effective natural or organic based insect repellent to be compared with DEET and other more toxic formulas. 


Several studies are referenced below proving our products are the most effective natural and organic means of controlling insects without harming the environment. HOMS complies with the USDA NOP program and uses organically certified (QAI) ingredients (over 95%) in several products.  HOMS agricultural products have been confirmed to meet USDA NOP for Organic Use in agriculture by QCS, ICS, Oregon Tilth, Clemson and KY Department of Agriculture and ​several ​products have been OMRI listed.  The Ecoblend Grass & Weed Control line uses certified organic vegetable oils and ​has shown to compare well to effective herbicides based on Glyphosate and Triclopyr although the Ecoblend is safe for water ways, soils, people and animals and better for the Bees!  Recycle nature with ECOBLEND.  Our products are not a systemic mode of action and the ingredients have coexisted with pollinators for millennia.  The organic pesticides use a dessicant mode of action and the ingredients are readily bioderadable and quickly break down into beneficial ingredients building up the soil and habitats for pollinators. 


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